WORKS / G8ロビー

WORKS / G8 Lobby

主要用途: ロビー/カフェ

施工: イシマル/コスモスモア/大和ライフネクスト

クレジット: サイン計画:日本デザインセンター 色部デザイン研究所/照明計画:遠藤照明/家具:カリモク,インターオフィス /CAFE G8 (設計・施工:NO ARCHITECTS、グラフィック:川上恵莉子、カフェ運営:HAGI STUDIO)

所在・会場: 東京 銀座

延床面積: 145.0㎡

設計期間: 2019.03-12

施工期間: 2020.01

写真: 長谷川健太





Principle use: LOBBY / CAFE

Production: ISHIMARU / Cosmos More / DAIWA LIFENEXT

Credit: Sign design: Nippon Design Center Irobe Design Institute / Lighting design: ENDO Lighting / Furniture: KARIMOKU, InterOffice / CAFE G8 (Design and production: NO ARCHITECTS, Graphics: Eriko Kawakami, Cafe Management: HAGI STUDIO)

Building site: Ginza, Tokyo

Total floor area: 145.0㎡

Design period: 2019.03-12

Construction period: 2020.01

Photo: Kenta Hasegawa

The renovation plan for the entrance lobby of the Recruit GINZA8 Building.
In addition to the new installation of the cafe facility, the plan for the lobby is required to enable multiple uses corresponding to the utilization of the adjacent art creation gallery “G8”.

In the general setting of the lobby, these benches are irregularly arranged around the cafe, providing space for drinking coffee and eating snacks and food. When holding an opening reception or a lecture in the gallery, the function of the gallery extends to the lobby by rearranging the layout of the benches.

To contrast with smooth materials, such as the stone floor and mirror ceiling, textured and white-painted wood wool cement boards cover the walls and the pillars. These boards, which work as exhibition boards, are white painted to give a unified sense to space. Aligning the existing model of stone panels to the joint part of the boards contributes to its consistency in the area. The signs such as the reception board and the standing signboards were also replaced with new ones made with white-painted wood wool cement boards and OSB boards that keep a uniformity of the space. The gate-shaped benches have a broader surface to put a coffee cup aside when people take a seat. These round section finishes of solid chestnut wood and tactile details are finished by a technique of the furniture manufacturers, Karimoku, giving a soft impression to the space. The exterior graphic of the cafe facility is regularly renewed with pieces by various artists.

We aimed to make the lobby space with the gallery that represents the Japanese graphic scene accommodate many visitors, plus promoting interaction by adding new functions.