WORKS / GARAGE Dentsu isobar

WORKS / GARAGE Dentsu isobar


主要用途: オフィス

施工: 大成建設/イシマル/E&Y/三進金属工業

クレジット: えんとつレインボー、フェイスサウンドシステム、ドッグシェルフ:magma/植栽:SOLSO/家具:インターオフィス

所在・会場: 東京 東銀座

延床面積: 164㎡

設計期間: 2017.11-2018.02

施工期間: 2018.03

写真: 高木康広





Principle use: OFFICE

Production: TAISEI / Ishinomaki Laboratory / E&Y

Credit: Design collaboration: Object: magma / Plants: SOLSO / Furniture: Interoffice

Site area: Higashi Ginza Tokyo

Total floor area: 164㎡

Design period: 2017.11-2018.02

Construction period: 2018.03

Photo: Yasuhiro Takagi


We performed the renovations for Dentsu isobar's latest multi-purpose space located in a corner of the company's 8F office in Higashi Ginza. The room is intended as a flexible garage-type area that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a showroom, for workshops as well as presentations.

When entering the room from the common corridor through a black tunnel, employees are greeted by "Chimney-Rainbow" - neon arches created by a two-artist unit known as magma. The projected images from 4 hanging projectors are juxtaposed seamlessly onto a long white wall.
Moreover, the layout of the whole space can be rearranged according to use and number of participants thanks to movable tables consisting of triangle- and semi circle- shaped tabletops mounted on dyed custom order AA STOOLs fitted with wheel casters as well as movable stair-shaped rows of seats. Unlike square tables which can be aligned neatly, geometric shapes present a challenge that boosts the creativity of those using the furniture.

Designed by magma as dual-function pieces of furniture, the back sides of "Face Sound System" - a bench with built-in speakers - and "Dog Shelf" - a table with built-in drawers can also be used as white boards. These can also be moved freely to conform to the configuration of seats and tables.

Our aim was to create a space with ample room capable of accommodating a variety of activities while becoming a source of inspiration for clients and employees alike.