WORKS / gold wedding ring k24

WORKS / gold wedding ring k24

主要用途: ウェディングリング

製造・販売: ギャラリードゥポワソン

素材: ゴールド(k24 yellow gold)、シルバーメッキ

サイズ: 楕円、四角

設計期間: 2017.05 - 08

製作期間: 2017.08 - 10

写真: 小川真輝







Principle use: Wedding ring

Manufacturer: gallery deux poissons

Material: Gold(k24 yellow gold), Silver plating

Size: oval, square

Design period: 2017.05 - 08

Production period: 2017.08 - 10

Photo: Masaki Ogawa



A wedding ring which gradually changes its appearance as it is worn. Coated on the surface of the gold ring is a thin layer of silver, and as time passes the silver rubs off to reveal the gold inside. The time shared between two people can thus be felt with the wearing of this ring.

As a result of the ring section shape, which comes in either oval and saure, the gold is revealed in different ways.

This time we made our popular wedding ring with 24 karat gold. This is softer than 18 krat gold, even after the gold appears, the surface will become more unique to that person.

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