WORKS / エルメス 2019SS ウィンドウディスプレイ

WORKS / Hermès 2019SS Window Display

主要用途: ディスプレイデザイン

所在・会場: 全国31店舗にて

設計期間: 2018.9-2019.3

会期: 2019.04-2019.07

写真: Nacása& Partners Inc./ Courtesy of Hermès Japon

全国31店舗で展開する、エルメスのウィンドウディスプレイ。 2019年のエルメスの年間テーマである« DREAM » をコンセプトにした、ウィンドウの空間演出。 与えられた広大なテーマから、「夢の中の空間」について考えた。

夢から覚めても、まだ夢が続いている。夢から覚めた瞬間は、夢か現実かわからずに、でもどこか現実とのズレが、これは夢の中だと気づかせる。入れ子状になり抜けられない、夢の中の空間を表現したウィンドウを提案した。 手前のドアを抜けると、また同じ部屋が続いていて、その部屋は重力を失い回転している。窓の先にも、同じ部屋がずっとぐるぐると回転しながら続いている。



Principle use: Display design

Building site: 31 locations nation-wide

Design period: 2018.9-2019.03

Duration: 2019.04-2019.07

Photo: Nacása& Partners Inc. / Courtesy of Hermès Japon

We designed the latest Hermès window display deployed at 31 stores across Japan. We ceated a window space using the concept of "DREAM", the annual theme of Hermès for 2019.

From the broad theme we were given, we came up with “the space within dreams”.

Even after waking up from a dream, the dream continues. The moment we come out of a dream, it is hard to discern between dream and reality but there is something of a disconnect with reality which makes us realize we are still in a dream. We proposed a window that would express the space within dreams in which one becomes nested and cannot get out.

A door appears, beyond which gravity no longer exists and the room begins to turn upside down. Past the window, the same room keeps twisting into the distance.
The display of nested rooms offers an overhead view of the dream space in which the same room, while rotating and turning inside out, becomes inextricably stuck.
People walking down the street get a feeling that something is out of place and come to a standstill. We aimed to create a new kind of “dream” window that explores the space between the two worlds of sleeping and waking, dream and reality.