WORKS / エルメス 2017S/S ウィンドウディスプレイ

WORKS / Hermès Spring-Summer 2017 Window Display

主要用途: ディスプレイデザイン

所在・会場: 全国21店舗にて

設計期間: 2016.12-2017.03

会期: 2017.04-2017.07

写真: Nacása& Partners Inc./ Courtesy of Hermès Japon

全国21店舗で展開する、エルメスのウィンドウディスプレイ。 2017年のエルメスの年間テーマである「Object Sense (オブジェに宿るもの)」 をコンセプトに、エルメスの商品が持つ多様な表情や個性を生かし、商品とディスプレイのためのオブジェとの新しい関係を築けないかと考えた。



Principle use: Display design

Building site: 21 locations nation-wide

Design period: 2016.12-2017.03

Duration: 2017.04-2017.07

Photo: Nacása& Partners Inc./ Courtesy of Hermès Japon

We created a window display to be deployed at 21 locations nation-wide under Hermès' theme for the year 2017: "Object Sense." We sought to showcase the varied expressivity and personality of Hermès' products by exploring the interactions between products and objects inside a display.

To do so, we produced abstract three-dimensional geometric objects using the symbolism and imagery evoked by the product's primary forms, such as a circle, a triangle or a square. The resulting objects recall abstract art and are obtained by combining rectangular solids, cylinders, cones, etc., made from polyethylene foam, a material notably used in kickboards. When dressed with Hermès products, these objects can suggest the angular shoulders of a man, the curvaceous beauty of a woman's body or the shape of a skirt. Combined with a cup of tea, they spell teatime. Paired with a necktie and leather shoes they bring a scene from a workplace to life. Moreover, the material's naturally bright colors give the ensemble the feeling of summer.

By coordinating Hermès products with geometric objects, we sought to create a window display evocative of their various personalities, characteristics and associated scenery.