WORKS / Hirotaka 京都高島屋店

WORKS / Hirotaka Kyoto Takashimaya

主要用途: 物販店舗



所在・会場: 京都高島屋

延床面積: 50.7m2

設計期間: 2021.11-2023.4

施工期間: 2023.4-2023.5

写真: 太田拓実






Principle use: SHOP

Production: D.BRAIN

Credit: Lighting design: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN / Shop VMD design: PALMETTO INOUE Maki Izutsu

Building site: Kyoto Takashimaya

Total floor area: 50.7m2

Design period: 2021.11-2023.4

Construction period: 2023.4-2023.5

Photo: Takumi Ota


The interior design for Kyoto Takashimaya store of the jewelry brand, Hirotaka. The site is a long and narrow 14m x 3.5m island-shaped plot adjacent to the escalator in the common area.

At the rear of the store, we installed a bright and dynamic wall made of a 3m-wide copper plate with a green rust finish. The corner facing the aisle and the side of the POS counter are also covered with the same copper plate. Instead of adopting standard green oxide processing, we designed the plate through trial and error by making samples and balancing the brown and green areas of the copper plate base.

Using a white epoxy resin-based floor coating, we created a glossiness reminiscent of a gallery while brightening the inside of the shop. The central fixtures, which vary in height, are painted with glossy white to make them appear to rise from the floor, giving rhythm to the display. The legs, two pillars supporting on the left and right sides, give a floating effect. The ceiling above the back wall of the store is folded up, and straight indirect lighting is installed at the end of the section, illuminating the copper plate and white wall. The pendant light above the POS counter matches the tone of the copper plate inside the store, adopting a design that looks like a disc-shaped copper plate that has been cut and bent. The façade is gently divided from the common area by a 4-meter-wide gray glass wall.

In contrast to the monotone common area, the scattered, vivid green copper plates create a unique expression. We aimed to create a space with a sense of spaciousness while mirrors are used to delineate the space.