WORKS / みやざきタオル (インテリアライフスタイル 2018)

WORKS / MIYAZAKI TOWEL (interiorlifestyle Tokyo 2018)

主要用途: 展示ブース

施工: イシマル

クレジット: グラフィック:アカオニ

所在・会場: 東京ビッグサイト 西ホール アトリウム

延床面積: 8.8㎡

設計期間: 2018.01-05

施工期間: 2018.05.29

会期: 2018.05.30-06.01

写真: healthy(巽陽介)



Principle use: DISPLAY BOOTH

Production: ISHIMARU

Credit: Graphics: akaoni

Building site: Tokyo Big Sight,West hall Atrium

Total floor area: 8.8㎡

Design period: 2018.01-05

Construction period: 2018.05.29

Duration: 2018.05.30-06.01

Photo: healthy(Yosuke Tatsumi)


We designed the exhibition booth of Miyazaki Towels, a manufacturer of Imabari-style towels, for the Interior Lifestyle design fair held at Tokyo Big Sight. Deliverables included a showroom introducing the towel muffler & shawl line of products developed by Miyazaki Towels and rebooting its brand image for the occasion.
While the front-facing wall puts forward the line's new packaging and overwhelming choice of colors, the left and right walls offer visitors the opportunity to hold the scarves and shawls in their hands and experience the different materials, sizes and weaving techniques presented. Moreover, we ensured the fixtures themselves play the role of a signboard even if the venue changes by echoing the brand's revamped logo as motif on the piece of mobile furniture in the center of the booth.
We envisioned an exhibition space where one can casually experience the company's new products as items rooted in everyday life.