WORKS / コロロワゴン

WORKS / koloro-wagon

主要用途: プロダクト

製造・販売: 伊千呂

素材: ポリエステル化粧板(基材:ラワン合板)、ラワン合板、タモ丸棒(取っ手、車輪)

サイズ: W473×D340×H660/H 840 (取っ手含む)

設計期間: 2013.04-09

製作期間: 2013.07-09

写真: 伊藤彰浩






Principle use: PRODUCT

Production: Ichiro

Credit: Styling: Fumiko Sakuhara

Material: polyester decorative plywood (base material: lauan plywood), lauan plywood, white ash round bar (handles, tires)

Size: W473×D340×H660 / H840 (handles included)

Design period: 2013.04-09

Production period: 2013.07-09

Photo: Akihiro Ito


We designed furniture following the “koloro-desk” and “koloro-stool” for the decorative plywood maker Ichiro. Inspired by the concept of “storable furniture”, the idea this time is light furniture that is not restricted to a specific place or purpose.

The mobile wagon is comprised of a set of three stackable storage boxes with handles, which can be separated and carried around like baskets. If you join two of the L-shaped handles, you can grip it like a shopping cart, and if you stand it up vertically, it will also act as a brace for stacking, with the inside of the box fixing it in place. The color combinations of the storage boxes are sky-blue and white, yellow and dark green, and pink and grey. Given the variety of colors available, the boxes can be designated by color according to the needs of the family (one for a child’s toys, one for a mother’s hobby materials, one for a father’s business documents and so forth) or according to their purpose.

In today’s world, one space may be used alternatively as a dining area, work area, and child’s play area. What we propose here is a moveable storage cabinet to suit changing lifestyles, in terms of functionality and individual needs.