主要用途: 展覧会作品

施工: トラフ建築設計事務所

所在・会場: とたんギャラリー

設計期間: 2006.10

施工期間: 2006.11

会期: 2006.11.12-11.26

写真: 望月研



Principle use: ART WORK


Building site: TOTAN GALLERY

Design period: 2006.10

Construction period: 2006.11

Duration: 2006.11.12-11.26

Photo: Ken Mochizuki

We participated in the art project held in a temporary gallery. This gallery was originally an Asagaya Jutaku housing complex designed by an architect Kunio Maekawa, and is planned to be taken down next spring. We gave an installation using "mizuito". Mizuito is a thread to measure a horizontal level or a base line of construction sites. The outline that mizuito draws while it drags on the floor is just like a locus of a visitor. The outline changes its shape every time a different visitor comes in and it has no fixed shape. Thin and weak as it is, this thread offers by being silhouetted against the scenery such things as memories that this place embraces. The length of mizuito is 17520 meters. This means 17520 days' (48 years') history of Asagaya Jutaku housing complex.