WORKS / メゾンレクシア ヒルトンプラザ ウエスト店


主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: 高島屋スペースクリエイツ

クレジット: アートディレクション:藁科順也/照明計画:BRANCH lighting design /アートワーク:福津宣人

所在・会場: 大阪 梅田

敷地面積: 47㎡

設計期間: 2017.11-2018.03

施工期間: 2018.03

写真: 高木康広


店頭では、革素材や配色のオーダーもできるため、素材や糸のサンプルを見せるディスプレイウォールに、作業に使う工具も並べ、アトリエのような場所を出現させた。 既存の壁面棚やカウンターを塗装や改造で利用しながら、ブランドのものづくりに対する世界観が伝わるような店舗を目指した。

Principle use: SHOP

Production: Takashimaya Space Create

Building site: Umeda, Osaka

Total floor area: 47m2

Design period: 2017.11-2018.03

Production period: 2018.03

Photo: Yasuhiro Takagi


We performed the interior design for a shop specializing in leather goods and perfume managed by MAISON LEXIA. It is the first shop to handle high quality bags and leather accessories that are each individually crafted through the handwork of craftsmen inside the in-house studio, from the selection of materials to the sewing. To preserve Maison Lexia's sense of unity as a brand even if products handled at each store vary, the brand color is applied to the outer and inner walls and the image is inherited by stretching an artwork depicting plants by visual artist Nobuto Fukutsu over the entire wall surface of the entrance wall. Also, a large leather sofa arranged symbolically in the center of the shop was crafted for the customer and register area. Since orders for leather materials and color schemes can be made at the shop, we gave the space the appearance of a studio by lining up tools used in the craftwork on a display wall that shows sample materials and threads. We aimed to create a shop that would convey the brand's view on craftsmanship while making use of the existing painted and remodeled wall shelves and counters.