主要用途: 展示施設

構造設計: オーノJAPAN

クレジット: プロジェクト企画:トータルメディア開発研究所

所在・会場: 東京郊外

敷地面積: 540m2

延床面積: 859m2

規模: 地下1階地上2階

構造: 鉄骨造

設計期間: 2012.08-09



地域を巻き込み人々を誘い込むかたちとして、螺旋状に壁を配置することを提案した。 螺旋の壁は平屋程度の高さから中央に向かって徐々に上がり、建物の圧迫感を軽減しつつ、周辺住宅地より少しだけ頭を出すようにして街の新たなランドマークとなる。



Structural design: OHNO-JAPAN

Credit: Project planning : Total Media Development Institute

Building site: Suburbs of Tokyo

Site area: 540m2

Total floor area: 859m2

Number of stories: 2F+B1F

Structure: Steel

Design period: 2012.08-09

This is an exhibition facility project for a company planed in a residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. MMST aims to promote the principle of accessibility adopted by the company among society at large and become a local hub for people to gather.

We proposed a spiraling wall that will enfold the space and lead visitors inside. The one-story-high wall gradually rises as it moves towards the center, thereby reducing the sense of pressure from the building. The structure stands a little taller than the surrounding residential area, making it the neighborhood’s new landmark.

The spiraling wall has depth into which are embedded various contrivances that link visitors to each another. A part of the wall can become a fixture for a display, a bench or even a table, thus doing away with the barriers between exhibit, building and fixtures and merging them into an integrated environment. The wall seeks not to segregate space, but seamlessly connect the exterior and the interior to develop familiarity through direct contact.