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主要用途: プロダクト

製作: 三保谷硝子店

所在・会場: アクシスギャラリー "三保谷硝子店-101年目の試作展"

設計期間: 2009.02-05

施工期間: 2009.06-10

会期: 2009.10.27-11.08

写真: 平井広行


三保谷硝子店の曲げ加工技術を駆使し、1枚のガラスの帯からつくられる椅子を提案した。幅230mm x 長さ約1900mmのガラスを折り重ねていく。椅子としての座面高さをキープしたまま折る回数を増やすほど、各コーナーは鋭角になる。そこに人が座ることで危うさが増幅し、緊張感を伴った存在の椅子となる。

Principle use: PRODUCT

Production: MIHOYA GLASS

Building site: Axis Gallery "101st Anniversary Works-in-Progress for Mihoya Glass"

Design period: 2009.02-05

Construction period: 2009.06-10

Duration: 2009.10.27-11.08

Photo: Hiroyuki Hirai

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Mihoya Glass.sixteen creators including us exhibited their works at the exhibition "101st Anniversary Works-in-Progress for Mihoya Glass" held at Axis Gallery.

We produced a chair by folding and refolding a band of glass of 230 mm width and approximately 1900 mm length making full use of Mihoya glass's bending technique. As long as the seating surface is kept at a certain height, the more times the glass is bended, the acuter each corner becomes. The sense of tension this glass chair with acute corners has is even more enhanced when a person sits on it.