WORKS / ポーラ美術館開館20周年記念展「ピカソ 青の時代を超えて」

WORKS / The Pola Museum of Art 20th Anniversary Exhibition PICASSO: THE BLUE PERIOD AND BEYOND

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: 東京スタデオ

クレジット: 主催:公益財団法人ポーラ美術振興財団 ポーラ美術館、公益財団法人ひろしま美術館, グラフィック:林琢真デザイン事務所

所在・会場: ポーラ美術館 展示室1, 3

延床面積: 1001m2

設計期間: 2022.05-2022.08

施工期間: 2022.09

会期: 2022.09.17- 2023.01.15

写真: Ken KATO



 最後の章では南仏移住後のアトリエをイメージし、ラワン合板のパネルを組んで小屋のような空間を構成。映画『ミステリアス・ピカソ 天才の秘密』(1956年公開)より《ラ・ガループの海水浴場》の制作場面が上映されている。小屋の外壁には《ラ・ガループの海水浴場》が展示されており、この絵画の横にもうけられた窓から、小屋の中の映像を覗くことも出来る。


Principle use: EXHIBITION

Production: TOKYO STUDIO

Credit: Organizer:Pola Museum of Art, Pola Art Foundation, Hiroshima Museum of Art, a nonprofit organization, Graphic: Hayashi Takuma Design Office

Building site: Pola Museum of Art, Galleries 1 and 3

Total floor area: 1001m2

Design period: 2022.05-2022.08

Construction period: 2022.09

Duration: 2022.09.17- 2023.01.15

Photo: Ken KATO


The exhibition plan for a joint exhibition by the Pola Museum of Art and the Hiroshima Museum of Art, which boasts one of the best Picasso collections in Japan. In this exhibition, based on the artwork research that has been conducted in cooperation with museums in Europe and the United States, we will recapture Picasso's "painting" works from the early period by focusing on the process of creation.

This exhibition, which consists of five chapters in total, has a sustainable plan that partially utilizes another exhibition previously held at the same venue. In contrast to the previous exhibition, which was characterized by a simple, square-segmented layout, our plan newly adds a wall at an angle of 45 degrees to the wall on which the paintings are displayed, on which explanations of each chapter are displayed. These walls make the area stand out as the entrance to the chapter, and at the same time guide the audience. We printed Picasso's portraits largely on these walls, and picked up various shades of blue in the background to reflect Picasso's mental image of each era.
The exhibition has its highlights on a chapter about the "Blue Period" in which Picasso first established his originality. The "Blue Period Lab" introduces a video to show the analysis results of the repainting process and the lower layer of the painting from the "Blue Period,” which was newly discovered through scientific research. In the room, all of the floor and the walls were painted blue so that visitors can immerse themselves in the world of color.
In the last chapter, we draw inspiration from Picasso's atelier after his relocation to the south of France and constructed a hut-like space by assembling lauan plywood panels. The production scene of "Beach at La Garoupe" from the movie "Le mystère : PICASSO" (1956) is shown there. "Beach at La Garoupe” is displayed on the outer wall of the hut, and you can also see the movie inside the hut through the window next to this painting.

We aimed to create a space where visitors could immerse themselves not only the world of Picasso's paintings but also in his own inner worldview.