主要用途: プロダクト

製作: ジャクエツ


素材: 鉄製(粉体塗装仕上げ)・ビニロンネット

サイズ: W2,852xD1,800xH1,850

設計期間: 2017.5-2018.12

製作期間: 2018.5-2019.5

写真: ジャクエツ






Principle use: PRODUCT

Production: Jakuets

Material: Iron (powder coating finish), vinylon net

Size: W2,852xD1,800xH1,850

Design period: 2017.5-2018.12

Production period: 2018.5-2019.5

Photo: Jakuets


The development and design of playground equipment, PLAYRING with Jakuets, a company dealing with educational tools and equipment for children.
The playground equipment is comprised of a combination of three large rings, which kids can access and play with from all directions. It is also a mysterious artwork, whose rings appears to disappear when it is seen from the front, side, diagonal or behind, changing its impression according to the angle it is viewed from.

The simple composition, a combination of three rings and tensioned nets enables multiple ways to play such as going through, climbing, and dangling; it lets children find out their own favorite place to relax, and stimulates them to stretch their imagination. Even the equipment is compact to fit a kindergarten or nursery with limited space to install it. This design focuses on how children are satisfied with it. Not only installing single equipment but also arranging multiple pieces of equipment broadens the possibilities of play.

In contrast with existing general equipment with a concrete form which limits play, PLAYRING, geometrically constructed equipment proposes a new value of the play equipment through the interactive space of the equipment in which kids can find out how to play by themselves.