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主要用途: 駐輪場

施工: 月造

所在・会場: 神奈川 川崎

延床面積: 90m2

設計期間: 2006.07-10

施工期間: 2006.11

写真: 渡辺慎一





Principle use: PARKING

Production: TSUKI-ZO

Building site: Kawasaki Kanagawa

Total floor area: 90m2

Design period: 2006.07-10

Construction period: 2006.11

Photo: Shinichi Watanabe

In this project we renovated the entrance of a condo in Kawasaki city. Leaving the entrance almost as it is, we planned to make parking lots for bicycles and motorcycles. The residents' bicycles were flooding the entrance area, but we thought it might be of a new value for the condo if we can give the space beside the entrance a function as parking lots.

Since it used to be rental space for a store, the floor and the wall and the ceiling are damaged on the surface after a number of times of reformation. At least they needed to be plastered. And since the pillars and the tie beams are sticking out from the walls, we planned to wrap the whole space up with a homogeneous pattern, and we thought the pattern should be symbolic with anti-slip rings which are usually used for roads and so making parking lot users see this space as the extension from the road.

The homogeneous pattern is made by "vacuous ring method." Rings made of standardized solid rubber are pressed on the mortar at regular intervals with a jig. The use of downlights is inspired by a headlight of a motorcycle. Instead of implanting them in the ceiling, we laid them bare on the surface.

The space filled with anti-slip rings that are normally for roads has vectorless expanses and is producing extraordinary facilities.