WORKS / 眠り展:アートと生きること ゴヤ、ルーベンスから塩田千春まで

WORKS / Sleeping: Life with Art - From Goya and Rubens to Shiota Chiharu

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: 丹青ディスプレイ

クレジット: 主催:東京国立近代美術館/グラフィック:平野篤史/カーテン:オンデルデリンデ

所在・会場: 東京国立近代美術館

延床面積: 1118m2

設計期間: 2020.03-2020.08

施工期間: 2020.11

会期: 2020.11.25-2021.02.23

写真: 本多康司


東京国立近代美術館で開催された「眠り展:アートと生きること ゴヤ、ルーベンスから塩田千春まで」の会場構成。この国立美術館の合同展では、幅広いジャンルの約120作品により、美術における眠りが持つ可能性を7章構成でたどる。



Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE


Credit: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Graphics: Atsushi Hiratno / Curtain: Onder de Linde

Building site: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Total floor area: 1118m2

Design period: 2020.03-2020.08

Construction period: 2020.11

Duration: 2020.11.25-2021.02.23

Photo: Koji Honda


The exhibition space for "Sleeping: Life with Art - From Goya and Rubens to Shiota Chiharu," was held in The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. In this joint exhibition of the National Museum of Art, approximately 120 art pieces assembled from various art genres elaborate on the potential of portraying sleeping in art through 7 chapters.

Symbolizing the theme of "sleeping", the exhibition starts in the entrance decorated with a heavy and tactile curtain, reminiscent of a bedroom interior. In each chapter's entrance, there is a piece of Goya, a Master of Art in 18-19 century, as the guide of this exhibition, between curtains drawn graphically on the wall. The textile curtain with drapes runs meandering along the aisle, inviting people further away. The depth of sleeping expressed in the chapters changes as you go through the chapters; "Closing Your Eyes", "Dream or Reality?", "The Sorrow of Life", and "Waiting to wake". We planned the space to make visitors feel like they are gradually drawn into sleep with details and gimmicks, making people think about border between waking and sleeping, with a mix of real curtains and graphical ones, and typo graphs with unstable impression. In this exhibition, "sustainability" is also the main theme, where we positively utilize the walls used in the previous exhibition. It makes it difficult to identify the newly added walls and exiting ones from the last exhibition by adding the walls that have a difference of elevation and curves to round the existing walls to maximize the curtains' expression.
The exit has a bedroom image with a window side and sheep-patterned wall paper, inviting visitors to fall asleep. When you look back at the exit, the face with closing eyes of Kim Myung-sook "Myobon" can be seen through the window.

In the roomy area with space, you can enjoy the art pieces, the wider and deeper meaning of "sleeping" and "closing eyes" embraces the visitors. We aimed to plan the exhibition, which provides an opportunity to look back on your daily life and tips to "open your eyes."