WORKS / サンフラワー

WORKS / Sun Flower

主要用途: プロダクト

製造・販売: アッシュコンセプト

素材: ポリプロピレン、エラストマー、ガラス鏡

サイズ: Φ186×H21mm (195g)

設計期間: 2016.01-2017.05

製作期間: 2017.01-2017.08

写真: 實重浩/名児耶洋



Principle use: PRODUCT

Manufacturer: h concept

Material: Polypropylene, Elastomer, Mirror

Size: Φ186×H21mm (195g)

Design period: 2016.01-2017.05

Production period: 2017.01-2017.08

Photo: Hiroshi Saneshige / Hiro Nagoya


The creation of such idea was triggered by our strong desire to create a product not like a completed one, but rather semi-finished product having fondness as one's own original just by making a slight modification. Sun Flower is a mirror of a new type which you can use by inserting it into your favorite bottle or any beautiful bottle for making your flowers alive. We propose new possibilities of mirrors that can disperse light, reflect space and make it look wider.