WORKS / スズキアリーナ川越山田

WORKS / SUZUKI arena Kawagoe-yamada

主要用途: ショールーム

施工: イシマル

クレジット: 企画・プロデュース: 博報堂ブランドデザイン

所在・会場: 埼玉 川越

延床面積: 384㎡

設計期間: 2013.02-06

施工期間: 2013.06-07

写真: 阿野太一


エントランス正面の円形カウンターは来客を左右に振り分けるように店内へスムーズに誘導する。円形のため店内の全方位を目視でき、迅速なサービスを可能にする。また、展示エリアと工場に隣接する整備部門の待合とを緩やかに仕切っている。 商談スペースは、斜め格子でできた家型の衝立とテーブルセットで構成し、店内に点在させることで、開かれた印象と少し閉じた環境とを両立させている。



Principle use: Show room

Production: Ishimaru

Credit: Produce: Hakuhodo Brand Design

Building site: Saitama Kawagoe

Site area: 384㎡

Design period: 2013.02-06

Construction period: 2013.06-07

Photo: Daici Ano

We performed the interior design of a showroom for auto manufacturer Suzuki. We designed a new showroom as the initial phase of a project lead by a team of female employees in which we became involved during the planning stage in order to make design and comfort accessible to women. Furthermore, we experimented with a dual hub layout by bringing together the Sales and Mechanics departments at the center of the showroom to promote interdepartmental cooperation.

Clients transition from the entrance towards the interior of the room in a smooth fashion following a path on either side around a circular front desk. The circular configuration affords an omnidirectional view of the interior and thereby enabling a speedy service. Moreover, it provides a gradual demarcation between the exhibition area and the Mechanics department's waiting area neighboring the factory.
Negotiation tables are found across the showroom behind house-shaped lattice screens offering a feeling of openness in a semi-closed environment.

Birch plywood is used in the circular front desk as well as the house-shaped fixtures. Streaks of color applied to the edge of wooden lattices produce constantly evolving expressions depending on one's relative line of sight. The soft wood tones and the brilliantly colored rugs in the negotiation areas add life to the otherwise monotone space.

We endeavored to create a space that merges the interior and exterior spheres by superimposing the rows of house-shaped screens over the residential panorama visible through the windows and displaying the cars in the showroom alongside those running in the street.