WORKS / テーブル オン ザ ルーフ


主要用途: 多目的スペース

設備設計: マックスレイ(照明)

施工: コスモスモア/IKEYA

所在・会場: ホテル クラスカ 屋上

延床面積: 240m2

設計期間: 2004.06-08

施工期間: 2004.07-09

写真: 中川敦玲/渡辺常二郎/新建築社





巨大なテーブルというアイデアが、既成のスケール感を狂わせ、非日常的なオン ザ ルーフ(屋上空間)を演出する。

Principle use: EVENT SPACE

Facility design: MAXRAY (Lightings)

Production: cosmos more / IKEYA

Building site: Hotel CLASKA Rooftop

Total floor area: 240m2

Design period: 2004.06-08

Construction period: 2004.07-09

Photo: Nobuaki Nakagawa / Tsunejiro Watanabe / Shinkenchiku-sha


An old hotel was renovated and reopened as CLASKA in Meguro, Tokyo September 2003.This project was to redesign the roof of this hotel. On the roof of CLASKA there is nothing to interrupt our view, the surrounding city looks like a miniature world of buses, houses and buildings.We were asked to design a new space which takes advantage of this view.CLASKA there is nothing to interrupt our view, the surrounding city looks like a miniature world of buses, houses and buildings.The concrete floor we were asked to cover with wooden decking as the space would be used for various events. If we covered the entire ground with decking we would then need to highten the existing handrail because of safety laws. We would then also need to consider appropriate tables and chairs for outdoor entertaining.

Therefore our proposal was to make a huge table floating 55cm off the ground from decking, set inat a safe enough distance from the roof’s edge which would avoid the handrail having to be adjusted.

The table serves as floor like "engawa"a chair and a stage. Above the table plants now entwine the already existing structure and create a green roof which runs down the wall and frames the entrance to this space.The frame of the existing handrail makes windows and we get the feeling we are looking out from inside.

The huge table plays with our perception and makes us feel strange, we are in an unusual space on the roof at Hotel CLASKA.