WORKS / TASAKI “Pearly Fantasy” in ISETAN

WORKS / TASAKI "Pearly Fantasy" in ISETAN

主要用途: ディスプレイデザイン

施工: 国際装飾/福永紙工

所在・会場: 伊勢丹新宿店 ウインドウ/本館1階=ザ・ステージ/本館4階=ジュエリー&ウォッチ

延床面積: 77.8m2 (ザ・ステージ)

設計期間: 2012.11-12

施工期間: 2013.01.08 / 01.22

会期: ウインドウ:2013.1.09-2013.01.22/本館1階=ザ・ステージ:2013.01.23-29/本館4階=ジュエリー&ウォッチ:2013.01.23-02.05

写真: 渡部光平(藤戸写真事務所)



物語は9つのシーンからなり、<真夜中の採集家の部屋>、<3姉妹のささやき「どこへいくの?」>、<夜露の輝く蜘蛛の巣>、<秘密の暗号>、<不思議な庭の朝食>、<蝶たちの軌跡>、<Pearly Fantasy>、<Fantasyの目撃者>、<物語の行方>と順に読み進んでいくことができ、またその逆順に物語を追うこともできる。


Principle use: DISPLAY DESIGN


Building site: ISETAN SHINJUKU WINDOWS / main building 1F = The Stage / main building 4F = jewelry & watches

Total floor area: 77.8m2 (The Stage)

Design period: 2012.11-12

Construction period: 2013.01.08 / 01.22

Duration: windows: 2013.01.09-01.22 / main building 1F = The Stage 2013.01.23-01.29 / main building 4F = jewelry & watches: 2013.01.23-02.05

Photo: Kohei Watanabe (Fujito Photography)

We designed the display for jeweler TASAKI Co, Ltd's latest creation of 2013 “Pearly Fantasy” – the event to unveil their new collection in Japan – which took place at the ISETAN Shinjuku store. The event was held in progression over a plurality of spaces with different backgrounds and scales, such as the 15 shop-windows, The Isetan Stage on the main building’s 1st floor and the Jewelry and Watches section on the main building’s 4th floor.

By casting butterflies – one of TASAKI Jewelery’s motifs – as the lead character, we took the image of butterflies escaping the real world and fluttering about and superimposed this motif to TASAKI’s idea of creating innovative creations without being bound by common sense. The butterflies weave a variety of scenes in the background into a series of stories, like a big picture book appearing in the middle of the street that pedestrians can enjoy at their own leisure.

The story comprises nine scenes, “The Collectors Room in the Middle of the Night”, “The Three Sisters Whispering ‘Where do you go?’”, “Cobwebs Shining in the Nightly Dew”, “The Secret Code”, “Breakfast in a Mysterious Garden”, “The Trail of the Butterflies”, “Pearly Fantasy”, “The Spectator of the Fantasy” and “The Story’s Direction”, which can be read in sequence or in reverse order.

We reedited the nine scenes created in the shop-windows by resizing and rearranging them to fit each location in which the event was subsequently held, so that they could be interpreted as a different story while retaining the same outlook.