主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: 伊千呂, THE MIRROR 実行委員会

クレジット: 総合プロデューサー: 清水敏男, キュレーション: 小池一子

所在・会場: 名古屋商工会館

延床面積: 18.0m2

設計期間: 2014.07-2014.10

施工期間: 2014.10.01-2014.10.15

会期: 2014.10.16-2014.11.09 (特別開館11.14-16)

写真: 福森崇広


国内外のアーティストを招へいして行われたアートイベント「THE MIRROR」。会場となった銀座の名古屋商工会館は1930年に建てられ、今回解体を前に期間限定でのイベントとなった。全館を使ってアート作品が展示される中、そのミュージアムショップの会場構成を手掛けることとなった。



Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE

Production: ichiro, THE MIRROR Executive Committee Office

Credit: General Producer: Toshio Shimizu, Curation: Kazuko Koike

Building site: Nagoya Shoko Kaikan (Nagoya commerce and industry bldg) 

Total floor area: 18.0m2

Design period: 2014.07-2014.10

Construction period: 2014.10.01-2014.10.15

Duration: 2014.10.16-2014.11.09(special open 11.14-16)

Photo: Takahiro Fukumori


We decked out a museum shop for art event bringing together artists from Japan and abroad titled "THE MIRROR" that was held at Nagoya Shoko Kaikan (Nagoya commerce and industry bldg) in Ginza, Tokyo for a limited-time before the venue, built in 1930, is set to be demolished.

The shop was intended to sell valuable works of art that could only be acquired during this event, and thus, we presented a space showcasing original creations by exhibiting artists. To do so, we covered all four wall surfaces with 26 wooden boxes arranged by the artist themselves as a miniature gallery, and putting each box up for sale. This not only transformed said boxes into works of art, but also created an exhibition gallery within the gallery, which gave the shop its unique character. Moreover, our wish to integrate the behavior of visitors to the venue was manifested by boxes that can only be fully appreciated when standing on a foot stool or peering down while crouching. As participants in the exhibition ourselves, we sought to express our world view inside a koloro-desk, using items from our existing lineup of products.

THE MIRROR COLLECTION box is a special museum shop where every small space of it can be acquired as a one-of-a-kind work of art.