主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: イシマル

クレジット: ブランディング・グラフィック:chi-chi/イラスレーター:さぶ/カーテン:オンデルデリンデ

所在・会場: 愛知 ジェイアール名古屋タカシマヤ1階

延床面積: 13m2

設計期間: 2020.07-2021.02

施工期間: 2021.03

写真: 小川 真輝


名古屋駅前・ジェイアール名古屋タカシマヤ1Fにオープンした、クッピーラムネで知られる名古屋の老舗お菓子メーカーが手がける、大人が楽しめる新感覚ラムネの専門店『THE RAMUNE LOVERS(ザ・ラムネラバーズ)』の店舗内装計画。駅構内一階の主要コンコースに沿った、オープンなスペースの一角という立地条件から、だれの目にも留まる移動屋台のような形態のアイコニックな存在の店舗とした。



Principle use: SHOP

Production: ISHIMARU

Credit: Graphics: chi-chi / Illustrator: Sabu / Curtain: Onder de Linde

Total floor area: 21.3m2

Design period: 2020.07-2021.02

Construction period: 2021.03

Photo: Masaki Ogawa


Interior design for "THE RAMUNE LOVERS", a new sense shop that specializes in Ramune Soda Candy on the 1st floor of JR Nagoya Takashimaya in front of Nagoya Station. The Ramune specialty store is for the new brand run by the long-established confectionery maker in Nagoya known for Kuppy Ramune. Due to its location, as the corner of open space along the main concourse on the first floor of the station, we planned to design the store that looks like a mobile stall that attracts everyone's attention with an iconic presence.

The store which named the Ramune Lovers was designed with the image of the vibrant circus troupe coming to the city, following the concept story of "they travel around the world to convey the deliciousness and enjoyment of Ramune Soda Candy.” The Lovers, with the charming face that seems to have jumped out from the package design, rolls up its big eyeballs around and attracts the attention of people who go and come to the concourse. All of the inventories are displayed in the storefront to show all products in a limited space effectively. This display plan contributes to the fun and gorgeous atmosphere with ornaments such as illuminations, curtains, old clocks, and a signboard custom-made with a terrestrial globe. The small, raised operation area, which can accommodate two shop staffs enables the staffs to deal visitors simply by moving laterally.

We aimed to create a store that combines senses of retro and the future to embody the new attempt of the long-established manufacturer that makes Ramune Soda Candy that everyone knows.