主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: イシマル

クレジット: グラフィックデザイン:TAKAIYAMA inc.山/サウンド・ライティングテクニカル:LUFTZUG/照明:遠藤照明

所在・会場: 東京 明治神宮外苑 TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013

延床面積: 40m2

設計期間: 2013.08-10

施工期間: 2013.10.24-25

会期: 2013.10.26-11.04

写真: 阿野太一/繁田諭


TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK2013 において、2011年に続きTOTOの展示ブースを手掛けることとなった。今回は、ウォシュレット一体形便器「ネオレスト」の発売20周年の企画で、トラフを含めた4組のクリエイターのコラボレーションによる空間を手掛けた。






Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE

Credit: Graphic design: TAKAIYAMA inc. / Sound-Lighting technical: LUFTZUG / Lightings :ENDO-Lighting

Site area: TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013 Meiji Jingu Gaien Tokyo

Total floor area: 40m2

Design period: 2013.08-10

Construction period: 2013.10.24-25

Duration: 2013.10.26-11.04

Photo: Daici Ano / Satoshi Shigeta


For Tokyo’s Designer’s Week in 2011, we had our first collaboration with TOTO. Now for the 2013, Tokyo’s Designer’s Week, we again are collaborating with TOTO.

In order to celebrate 20th anniversary of “NEOREST”, the Washlet toilet, 4 artists including TORAFU ARCHITECTS collaborated to create spaces for them. The entrance was themed “Connection,”which was designed by the artist Asao Tokolo. Using the image of air and water, he completely covered the space with “Tokolo pattern” by applying the strip-like pattern to the entire floor, walls, and the ceiling, as well as the entrance.
The artist Mai Miyake titled her space:” Invisibleness.” At the first sight, you may not be able to perceive the poem projected by light and shadow inside of the toilet. However, from the lightning effect above, you will be able to encounter the breathing-like lit poem constantly in the water.
TORAFU ARCHITECTS’ space embodies the concept of Security.” We attempted to convey the feeling of security by hanging a gigantic toilet paper out of the booth, and to continue the paper flow inside as a curved screen with projected images on. This “endless toilet paper“ evokes the definite security in the toilet space.
The product designer, Noriko Hashida “Icon”, was the theme of the exit area. She painted Mt Fuji in the niche in order to emphasize “Japanese pride of this product” as we have towards Mt Fuji.

Various installations by creators and the graphically-designed water flow patterned booth reminds you of a gift box, and it celebrates the birth of NEOREST.