WORKS / water balloon

WORKS / water balloon

主要用途: プロダクト

製作: 硝子企画舎

クレジット: 照明協力:マックスレイ

素材: 碍子/蛍光灯リサイクルガラス/LED

サイズ: W80mm/D80mm/H217mm

設計期間: 2013.06-09

製作期間: 2013.09-11

写真: 淺川敏


IFFT interior life style living 特別企画ゾーン「CREATIVE RESORCE 素材と造作のちから」内で行われた展示「9lass(グラス)」のためにデザインした照明。「ヒカリ」をテーマにガラスを素材とし、ガラス作家とのコラボレーション作品を製作した。




Principle use: PRODUCT

Manufacturer: garasukikakusya

Credit: Lightings: maxray

Material: glass, fluorescent recycled glass, LED

Size: W80mm/D80mm/H217mm

Design period: 2013.06-09

Construction period: 2013.09-11

Photo: Satoshi Asakawa


This lamp is designed for the exhibition “9glass” which is the part of the special program area “CREATIVE RESORCE the power of materials and fabrication” at the show “FFT interior life style living”.

The lamp overflows with “light”, this is reminiscent of the unique handmade shape, beauty and presence of the pure glass we saw in a factory.

Like the water ballon expanding out from the glass socket, bubbles diffuse reflecting the LED light source in a glass appearing individually different and charming.

By using the recycled glass of fluorescent light for the illuminated materials, we aimed to produce a new relationship amongst these materials.