WORKS / おいでよ!絵本ミュージアム2022

WORKS / Welcome! EHON Museum 2022

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: MIYATA ART CONSTRUCTION、アトリエキノト、フジモトサインズ

クレジット: 主催: 福岡アジア美術館、西日本新聞社、TNCテレビ西日本、子ども文化コミュニティ、西日本新聞イベントサービス

所在・会場: 福岡 博多

延床面積: 892m2

設計期間: 2022.01-2022.07

施工期間: 2022.07

会期: 2022.07.19- 2021.08.28

写真: 小川真輝



エントランスには、たけうちちひろによる今回のメインビジュアルを使用したモビールの空間が展開。エントランスを抜けると天井高まで引き伸ばした『みんなのいちにち』の表紙の書き割りに、時間で変わる映像として切り絵による絵本の世界が投影される。原画の展示ケースが点在し、版画で絵を制作している実際の様子の動画が見られるエリア『ケーキやけました』が続き、『しろくまちゃんのほっとけーき』では1/4円のホットケーキの丘の上に座ってゆっくりと絵本が読める。岩の形をイメージした、白い板組みによる洞窟を抜けると、大きな恐竜たちがそびえたつ『まいごのたまご』の空間が現れる。壁面のたまごの前に来場者が立つと、たまごから恐竜の影が飛び出すインタラクションが体感できる。『なつのいちにち』では福岡で収録された映像・音・振動が同時に体験でき、絵本の世界と福岡の自然に親しむことができる。『がたん ごとん がたん ごとん』と「ノンタンシリーズ」の赤ちゃんコーナーでは、会場の最奥の角にパンチカーペットを広く敷き、低めのちゃぶ台やベンチを中心に置くことで、家族でゆったりと過ごす場所とした。名作コーナーでは、『ぐるんぱのようちえん』の滑り台とプールが再現され、その前に立つ立体化された物語の1シーンが、シンボルとして来場者を出迎える。


Principle use: EXHIBITION

Production: MIYATA ART CONSTRUCTION, atelier kinoto, Fujimoto signs

Credit: rganized : Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, The NISHINIPPON SHIMBUN Co., Ltd., Television Nishinippon Corporation, NPO Community of the Culture with and for Children , Interactive work for “All in a Day” and “Am I Yours?”: plaplax, Graphics: airodesign, Models: Takamasa Sumi

Site area: Hakata, Fukuoka

Total floor area: 892m2

Design period: 2022.01-2022.07

Construction period: 2022.07

Duration: 2022.07.19- 2021.08.28

Photo: Masaki Ogawa


The interior plan for “Welcome! EHON Museum 2022”, an exhibition held in the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. This exhibition, which has been held every summer vacation since 2007, has a library where you can read thousands of EHONs (picture books) in addition to an exhibition of each EHON work. We focused on various ideas that stimulate both parents and children to discover many things they love together in the world of EHONs. In this exhibition, each area features an EHON or an artist to let visitors immerse themselves in the world.

The entrance has a space with mobiles using the main visual by Chihiro Takeuchi. Walking through the entrance, visitors find the cover image of Chihiro's EHON "All in a Day" projected on the wall, which has been stretched to the ceiling. In the image, her artistic cutout changes the images time after time. Successively in the section “Cake Yakemashita (Cake well baked)”, display cases exhibiting original paintings are dotted around the area, and there is an area where visitors can watch a video of the actual process of creating EHON’s original pictures with woodblock prints. In the “Shirokuma-chan no Hotcake (Polar Bear's Hot Cake)” section, the pancake hill welcomes and cradles people who would sit there and read EHONs. After passing through a cave made of whiteboards with inspiration from the shape of a rock, visitors enter a space called “Am I Yours? (Maigo no Tamago)” where giant dinosaurs tower overhead. When standing in front of the egg on the wall, they can experience the interaction of a dinosaur shadow popping out from the egg. In the "Natsu no Ichinichi (A Summer Day) “area, visitors experience movies, sounds, and vibrations that were recorded in Fukuoka at the same time as the exhibit and become familiar with the world of the EHON and the nature of Fukuoka. In the “Gatan Goton Gatan Goton (Clickety-Clack Clickety-Clack)” and “Nontan Series” baby corners, a punch carpet is widely laid out in the farthest corner of the hall, and a low dining table and benches are placed in the center to allow small kids and parents to relax. In this masterpiece corner, we reproduced the slide and pool from "Groompa’s Kindergarten", and a three-dimensional story scene in front of it welcomes visitors as the area’s main symbol.

While appropriately segmenting the vast space, we aimed to create a place where visitors can glimpse the next area as it peeps out and experience the exhibition as a whole as they walk around.