WORKS / 筒井康隆展

WORKS / Yasutaka Tsutsui Exhibition

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: 東京スタデオ

クレジット: 主催:公益財団法人せたがや文化財団 世田谷文学館/グラフィック

所在・会場: 世田谷文学館

延床面積: 464.7m2

設計期間: 2017.04-2018.10

施工期間: 2018.09-2018.10

会期: 2018.10.6-2018.12.9

写真: 阿野太一




エンターテインメント性があり、一般に受け入れられやすい作品の一方で、タブー性の高い作品や、予測不能な実験作も多く存在する。その2面性をパネルの表と裏を用い、合板素地に直接印刷されたカラフルな年表と、裏面の黒を基調としたグラフィックで表現した。 年表を読みながら足を進めていくと、所々に設けられた覗き穴や開口によって、パネルに隔てられた空間を視覚的に繋ぎ、9mmの合板が境界線となって、会場内の表と裏の二つの世界をパラレルに体験できる空間となっている。


Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE

Production: TOKYO STUDIO

Credit: Setagaya Literary Museum / Graphics:

Building site: Setagaya Literary Museum, Tokyo

Total floor area: 464.7m2

Design period: 2017.04-2018.10

Construction period: 2018.09-2018.10

Duration: 2018.10.6-2018.12.9

Photo: Daici Ano


We performed the venue layout for the “Yasutaka Tsutsui Exhibition” to be held by the Setagaya Literary Museum. This represents the first large scale exhibition for Yasutaka Tsutsui, an avant-garde author who is unconventional in every way. No effort has been spared to put on a show, and we sought to enact a three-dimensional exhibition space that displays the worldview of his works while also maintaining a live feeling unique to active authors.

Because the themes and genres of his works are timeless and eclectic in how they intersect, we introduced a timeline placed on a time axis as the core of the exhibition configuration rather than doing a thematic exhibition. The timeline, engraved on 69 sheets of luwan plywood, is represented by a single brush stroke line that changes height as it travels along the exhibition venue. The layout was elaborated with graphics made by

While some works are entertaining and easy to appreciate by the general public, there also exist many works with highly taboo elements and experimental works that are unpredictable. This duality was expressed using the front and back of the panel with the colorful timeline printed directly on the plywood foundation and basic tone of the black graphic on the back. Walking forward while reading the timeline allows you to experience the venue’s two parallel worlds of front and back where the 9mm-thick plywood becomes a boundary line that visually connects the space seperated by the panel through the peep holes and openings placed here and there.

By summarizing the enormous amount of information on a thin panel and connecting it along a single line, we aimed to create an exhibition space that would allow vsitors to feel both sides of the unique worldview of Yasutaka Tsutsui.