TORAFU ARCHITECTS is delighted to introduce our design projects‘NEOREAL WONDER – The World of Canon Digital Imaging’ and Kaneka ‘BAR x JAPAN x OLEDs – Attractive Bars in Japan’, at theupcoming Milano Salone (Salone Internazionale de Mobile), which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
In addition, we will be having an ” airvase ”  Exhibition at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, one of the prestigious galleries in Milan.

トラフ建築設計事務所は、今年50周年を迎えるミラノサローネにて「NEOREAL WONDER -キャノンデジタルイメージングの世界」および、Kaneka 「BAR x JAPAN x OLED 美しき日本の酒場」におきましてデザイナーとして制作した作品を発表いたします。



‘Light Loom’ is a space designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS in collaboration with visualdesign studio WOW whose work is title ‘Circle of light’ . Our wish is to complete a space where images can be projected at a scale, and in a way never attempted before. We invite you to visit by all means, and experience the space.

この作品は、トラフ建築設計事務所の「Light Loom(光の織機)」という空間とWOWの映像作品「Circle of light(光の循環)」とのコラボレーション作品です。今までにないスケールと今までにない映像演出を試みた作品に仕上がっています。



「Light Loom」

Completely immersed in light and images, visitors to the Canon exhibition space can experience moving images in a whole new way. Though it is a screen made from countless strings, the ‘luminous flux screen’ is as immaterial as air, and upon which images projected from a light source can be traced. We thought of making a three-dimensional screen which unlike projections onto a flat screen, would allow visitors to have an experience within the actual projected images. Our idea was inspired by spools of strings found in spinning mills. The ‘luminous flux screen’ is unique from an ordinary screen in that it is able to capture light from various directions, leading visitors to a visual experience like never before. Our work aims to communicate the idea of an elusive reality associated with modern times. Neither virtual nor real, the ‘Light Loom’ gives form to what is actually formless.

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Date : April 12 (Tues.) – 17 (Sun) 2011
Time :10:00-21:00
Venue :(Canon) Superstudio Più ART POINT Via Tortona 27, Milano
Admission : free


「Light Loom(光の織機)」



開催会場:Superstudio Più ART POINT Via Tortona 27, Milano (Canon)


TORAFU ARCHITECTS have teamed up with lighting designer Izumi Okayasu to create an exhibition and drinking space which showcases organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), a new lighting product made by Kaneka Corporation. Throughout the two floors of the gallery, the OLEDs are displayed such that the amazingly thin and lightweight qualities of the product can be easily appreciated by visitors.



‘BAR x JAPAN x OLEDs – Attractive Bars in Japan’

Using organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), a next-generation light source, the main exhibition space we have designed for Kaneka depicts a scene of yozakura. A Japanese custom, it is the night time viewing of cherry blossoms which bloom abundantly in Japan every spring. In an attempt to share a beautiful scene of yozakura with visitors to Milano Salone, we have arranged the thin and lightweight OLEDs to delicately illuminate the space, as if they are floating in the air like cherry blossom petals lighting up the spring night sky.

Date : April 12 (Tues.) – 17 (Sun) 2011
Time : 10:00-21:00
Venue :(Kaneka) Superstudio MyOwnGallery Via Tortona 27, Milano
Admission : free


「BAR × JAPAN × OLED 美しき日本の酒場」


開催会場:Superstudio MyOwnGallery Via Tortona 27, Milano (Kaneka)


Spazio Rossana Orlandi

This will be the first overseas exhibition of Torafu’s very own ” airvase ” . The gallery space will be expressed in many forms and variations, and furthermore at this occasion we are planning to exhibit two brand new versions of ” airvase ” . We hope to have an ” airvase ” exhibition here never before.

Date : April 11 (Mon) – 17 (Sun) 2011
Time : Monday 15.30-19.30, Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-19.30
Venue : Spazio Rossana Orlandi(via Matteo Bandello, 142 0123 Milano)
Admission : free


開催会場:スパツィオ・ロッサーナ・オルランディ(via Matteo Bandello,14 20123 Milano)
開催時間:営業時間内(MON 15.30-19.30 – TUE-SAT 10.00-19.30)