gold wedding ring発売


gold wedding ring


Round 2mm 52500円
Round 3mm 94500円
Square 2mm×1mm 47250円
Square 3mm×1mm 57750円



We have designed wedding rings for gallery deux poissons, which specialises in contemporary jewellery.The rings are available for purchase from the gallery, so please do take a look.

gold wedding ring

A wedding ring which gradually changes its appearance as it is worn. Coated on the surface of the gold ring is a thin layer of silver, and as time passes the silver rubs off to reveal the gold inside. The time shared between two people can thus be felt with the wearing of this ring.
As a result of the shape of the ring section, which comes in either round or square, the gold is revealed in different ways.

Round 2mm ¥52500
Round 3mm ¥94500
Square 2mm×1mm ¥47250
Square 3mm×1mm ¥57750

For information on how to purchase the rings, please visit the homepage or contact the gallery at the address detailedbelow: